Saturday, October 22, 2005

Television Genius

I watch a lot of TV. So much so that my friends and family mock me mercilessly. Especially at the beginning of the fall season when I create my TV watching grid. It's got all the networks and all the shows and I mark the ones that I like already or are recommended by whatever critics. I am not quite as bad (or good, depending on your point of view) as Laurel.

Several new shows were recommended by TV Guide for this season, and for the most part I agree with them. I really like Prison Break. It's got a 24ish vibe, and they do the suspense and cliffhangers and violence well. I like How I Met Your Mother, if only because Neil Patrick Harris is my new hero. I like My Name is Earl. I've liked Jason Lee ever since his role as Banky in Chasing Amy. He and Joey Lauren Adams have the funniest one-upsmanship on scars that I've ever seen.

I want to like Threshold. I'm having some problems with it. If NBC hadn't cancelled Karen Sisco, I wouldn't have to worry about it, since Carla Gugino would then be on that.

Threshold's premise is that a genius, played by Carla, has come up with some contingency plans for the US government. What to do if terrorists take out the president, what to do if avian flu gets to our country, stuff like that. Threshold is the name of her plan for what to do if aliens land on our planet, which they do. She recruits some other people to help, including Data as a doctor, Peter Dinklage as a linguistics expert, Roc as her boss, some chiseled merc as muscle and the guy who played Richard on Felicity as a math genius.

But then the supposed genius, and her crack team of geniuses, keep telling their protective agents to leave them alone. And every time they do, the aliens attack. And the aliens look like humans, 'cuz they didn't come themselves they sent a signal that changes human DNA into alien DNA.

Last night, Ms. Genius took a US senator on a tour of the Threshold facility and let him steal something from the tiny vault. Then he played the alien signal to some other senators and high ranking government people, and Ms. Genius had to shoot down their plane. Then she cried.

Threshold has an interesting idea, that maybe aliens could change us without ever having to land and fight. But then it takes the dumbest geniuses on the planet and puts them in charge of our safety. I'm still watching, but not for long.


Apathy Bear said...

Dude. Duuuuuude. You watch too much TV? That's so totally not true. What kind of bastich would say such a thing?

Morty Poon said...

I watch too much TV. But I've cut it down significantly.

I also watch My Name is Earl and How I Met Your Mother.

I have to admit that NPH is the reason I watch Mother. He's freaking hilarious in that. Whodathunk Doogie Howser would be so funny?

I like when he comments on how stuff is going on his blog. Funny stuff.

Kate said...

I've read his blog too, and I liked it but wished there was more.

Did you see NPH in Harold and Kumar? He was great in that too.