Monday, May 30, 2005

Weird Searches

The most recent google searches used to find my site:

"use him for sex"
"which types of rice is eaten by morocco persons"
"sperm in his pants"

Only, I tried to use them to find me again, and they didn't work anymore. Guess I've been gone too long.


Dean said...

"sperm in his pants"?

I get "armpit smothering" and a ton o' hits from "Genevieve Gorder feet".

Kate said...

"Armpit smothering"?
What on earth does that mean?

The oddness of people never ceases to surprise me. I think that I understand, and then I see something and have to say, "WTF?"

Dean said...

I wrote a bit about the Oscars before Lord of the Rings won everything in sight. In it, the guy who plays Frodo was accidentally caught in Peter Jackson's armpit and smothered to death, becoming Oscar's first saint, Saint Elijah of the Kiwi Armpit.

I get regular hits from people looking for 'armpit smothering', and if I track back and look at the Google results, it seems that this is a particular fetish of some oddballs.