Thursday, December 22, 2005

Across from the Hilton

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Or, wasting time. Depends on your perspective, really.

I found this:
which includes this:

and then this:

both from Making Light.

And if you're interested in webcomics, you can check out some good ones from here:
The Best Webcomics of 2005

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Subcutaneous Fluids

So I'm inserting the needle of the fluid bag in the cat's skin right above her shoulder blades, she tries to bolt and I nick my index finger. As I'm attempting to successfully insert the needle I get blood drops on her white fur, which look redder than they should.

I hold the needle into her skin with one hand and open the valve, while simultaneously grabbing a tissue to staunch the trickle of blood. She fidgets and I panic, remembering yesterday when she got away from me and the solution in the bag started spraying into the air from the suddenly loose needle.

All the fluid goes in, and then I look down. Either my cat has a lopsided case of giantism, or all of the liquid from the injection has settled into one paw. I remove the needle (after closing the valve again, learned that one, didn't I?) and she jumps onto the side of the tub, but stumbles because of her newly unbalanced body.

Earlier she nearly took the skin off my hand for trying to make her swallow her antibiotics. She's a crafty one too. She doesn't swallow but does stick her tongue out a litte, so I let go of her jaw because I think she's taken it. Then she opens her mouth and coughs lightly and the pill pops out onto the tile. She's held a pill in her mouth for over a minute so I'd think she's done and let go.

Blowing in her nose doesn't help one bit, no matter what the vet said. I think that I'd have to do the CPR bit, and put my mouth over her entire muzzle and blow to get the stubborn bitch to swallow. Maybe not even then.

Swollen Foot

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

White Blood Cells

Gross Description Ahead!

Did you know that if a cat has a severe intestinal infection, white blood cells will come out of her ass for three days? That's a fun little fact I didn't know until I got home Friday night and saw it all over my bedroom.

She's finally feeling better, after I shove the daily antibiotics down her throat and insert a needle under her skin to give her subcutaneous fluids to counteract the dehydration of not eating.

And, the vet can't tell me definitively what's wrong with her without an expensive biopsy of colon tissue...