Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Matt Roush Rocks

I used to get TV Guide every week. My favorite part of that was always Matt Roush's column, because he recognizes quality shows but doesn't always pick the shows that are the critic's darlings, and thus sometimes unwatchable.

At the end of a review of the season finales of both Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls, he had this to say:

"(Finally, I had meant to address the series finale of 7th Heaven in this space as well. But I couldn’t make it through five minutes without feeling like I was gagging on a curdled vanilla smoothie.)"

Jury Duty

I didn't go to school today. About a month ago, a letter came to my parent's house for me. I was being called for municipal jury duty. They called me for municipal jury duty a few years ago. I didn't go, but I guess I don't have a warrant or a fine or anything, because they had me captive today and no one said anything.

I woke up early and called the number on the letter. According to it, sometimes they settle the cases before the jury arrives and then you don't even have to drive to the courthouse. The recorded message did not give me the desired outcome, so I finished getting ready and left.

Unlike jury duty for the county, which takes place in the courthouse in the county seat about 20 miles away from my house, this one was an easy drive and I didn't have to search four blocks four a parking space. I got a good spot under a tree and went up the steps.

The bailiffs searched my purse and ran me through a metal detector, and then let me go sit in the courtroom for about an hour. I've sat in industrial furniture more comfortable than the pews in that room. I read my book and waited. I tend to keep to myself in situations like that. I'm a really shy person, at least initially, and so I didn't talk to anyone.

After the bailiff gave us a 10 minute warning, the attorneys came into the courtroom. A short woman with dark hair and an interesting interpretation of a suit, and this hot guy in a great suit. The good-looking guy had almost a shaved head. He was pretty enough to carry off the stupid little soul patch.

So I thought, "Ooh, hot lawyer, dresses well," and tried to get a look at his ring finger for the next ten minutes. When not concentrating on my book, that was.

Then came the judge, and she sat down and introduced the parties at the attorney tables, and then the prosecutor got up to start the voir dire. She asked people about their experiences with speeding tickets and we got to hear some pretty funny stories from some of the people. She also asked about any ill will that we as potential jurors might feel toward the police.

She almost ignored me and the other two people with me on the far side of the courtroom, which didn't distress me at all. Then she noticed that she was pressed for time and the judge got ready to give us a break before the seating of the jury. Right before she let us go, the judge asked us if we would hold it against someone for representing themselves.

I paused for just a second to process, and then thought, "Oh, he's hot but stupid. Too bad."

After the break the judge called six jurors, and dismissed the rest of us. I wouldn't have minded being chosen, if only to see if the defendant did have a fool for a client.