Sunday, March 12, 2006

Google Maps

I was reading on TV Tattle about people making maps of the locations on their favorite TV shows. There's a compendium at Google Maps Mania.

You can see where Jack Bauer's been, what's going on with the Amazing Race, and even the locations from Seinfeld. Pretty cool. Some people really have lots of time on their hands. I'm not one to judge, mostly 'cuz I might do something like this too.

I am a TV geek who creates her own TV watching grid at the start of each season.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Surprise in the Waiting Room

I went to the dentist today. As I leaned down in his waiting room to tie my shoes, (sometimes I leave the house with them untied and tie them later) I noticed a pink spot on the tongue of my Nikes. I thought "That's weird, they didn't have a spot on them yesterday."

I moved my fingers further down to tighten the laces and saw something between the laces and the tongue. Something beige. With red string connected to it. I looked a little closer, and saw a burlap mouse, a cat toy. So I picked a rather damp burlap mouse out of my shoe, and having nowhere else to put it, dropped it in my purse.

I thought about asking the receptionist for a paper towel, to keep the water out of my purse, but didn't want to explain why I had a wet cat toy in my hand.

The kittens must have dropped it in my shoe last night, after they gave it a bath in the water bowl. I don't understand why they drop it into things. I've seen them drop it into the water bowl and my roommates Docs.

Sometimes I wonder if they have brains at all, especially when they run to meet their torturer when he gets home from work, so that he can put them into cardboard boxes and shake them, or pin them on the ground with one hand and pretend punch them with the other.

Boys mystify me. It's like no matter how old they get, affection = pretend hitting.