Monday, August 28, 2006

Lute Riley Honda Sucks

I took my car with the ailing a/c to the dealership in Dallas. They told me it was the condenser, and it would cost $440, but that they wanted to give me a deal and so they'd take $100 off to make it $340. I arranged my appointment, and thought no more of it.

The day of the appointment arrived. I drove to the dealershipo at about 6:45 in the morning and arranged for their free shuttle to take me to work and pick me up again.

While at work, the service guy called me. He said they'd definitely found the problem, which made me feel relief. I'd already replaced the compressor at about $900 and the a/c electrical panel for $350. He told me that the service normally runs $540, but that with the $100 of that I'd be getting a great deal at $440.

I said, "That's not what you said before. That quote's gone up $100 since Saturday."

He insisted that he'd said no such thing, and that it wasn't possible that he would make a mistake like that. I told him to make the repairs anyway, and finished my work and waited for the shuttle.

At the dealership I pointed out to the service guy that he'd not said anything near $500. He said he remembered, but that he'd go talk to his manager and see if he could do anything else for me. My car wasn't yet ready, so I waited in the waiting room.

The service guy came back, and gave me the dealership line of all dealership lines, "My manager was standing right next to me, and he heard me quote you the higher price."

I pressed him some more, but he didn't budge. I ended up having to pay $420. But, oh joy, I got a coupon for a free oil change.

So Lute Riley lies. Get your quotes in writing.


Diva said...

Ahh, the power of the blog of an unhappy consumer. Good for you - wield your sword!

Kate said...

It's a mighty short sword, I wish it might make more of an impact.

Diva said...

I don't know...Google Lute Riley Sucks (no quotes), and you're #1. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

There has been suspitions that they (L. R.) put tracking devices on people vehicles for the purpose of missing with there head and distroying them. This has to do with people who try to file law suits agaist major companies, ie accouting firms.

Anonymous said...

Took my car there and it turned out I needed a starter replacement. I was quoted a price of $973 with parts and labor. Two phone calls later, I found a place that would do it for $400 and give me a warranty on the replacement. Even another Honda dealer I called quoted a price more than $300 less. I told this to my "service advisor" and he couldn't have cared less.

Lesson: never take your car to Lute Riley for service.