Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

I suck at resolutions, and I'm not so good at goal setting.  I've put together goals of all kinds in the last few years, following very few of them to their conclusion, even if I wrote them down.

But.  I have been missing blogging.  I miss the people that I met while blogging.  Unfortunately, every time I start to compose a post, I re-read it and decide that it's crap.  I have no idea where this fear originated, but it's got to go.  Fuck that noise.  So if I have one non-resolution, one non-goal, it's to start blogging again.  I'm not going to make any promises about how often or how long the posts will be, but I'm going to blog again, for me and perhaps my two favorite readers (and honestly better writers than me) because I miss it.

So, Happy 2010 to everyone (both of you), and though posting has been sporadic to say the least, I'm glad that I can say that I've been blogging since 2004 and I don't intend to quit.

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