Friday, June 03, 2005

Me 3, Anxiety 1

I did my presentation today, at a school called Poteet. Hm.

So, I didn't fall over, I only flailed for words twice, and everyone was very nice. It's not my material that I presented, so I wasn't as familiar with it if I had developed it. Still, trying to explain "null curriculum" to a bunch of people can go either way.

I love watching people make their art at these workshops. At least one person in the room disregards every rule the instructor gives, but comes up with a really great piece anyway. I instructed them to create a self-portrait and then fracture it, rearrange the pieces and glue them down to a contrasting sheet.

Several people ripped instead of cutting. One person arranged all of his bits like a waterfall on a really large background. Another decided his needed a three-dimensional piece on the top and built it but didn't like it. (Artists frequently feel this way about their own work. I just tell them that someone at the table is thinking "I wish that I could do that!") And several participants each made two drawings and then wove them together.

I wish I'd remembered my camera. So many of them looked great.

Picasso and Cubism today didn't suck.

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EdWonk said...

I enjoy making presentations and public speaking in general. Unless it's with the people that I work with. I wonder why that is?