Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Text Games

In high school, a friend introduced me to HHGttG text game. I loved it, and bought it, and to this day still own a microscopic space fleet and some bellybutton fluff. I can't use the disk anymore, 'cuz, well, it's a 5" floppy. But, then there was Zork.

Here's a link that I got from Making Light today: Wiki Zork.

Technology at its most advanced.


Morty Poon said...

Actually that would be a 5¼" floppy. But who's measuring?


sxKitten said...

I loved HHGttG, although I never got far enough to get a microscopic space fleet. We had Zork II, which as I recall involved wandering around underground caverns, attempting to not be eaten by a grue.

That Wiki Zork is hilarious - thanks for the link!

Kate said...


sxkitten - the microscopic space fleet came wrapped in plastic with the program, in the giant Infocom box, which I also still have.
You're welcome. If you go to the links, you can download the Zorks, I think.