Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back to School

School starts soon here in the DFW area. Some schools petition the state for a waiver from the legislated start date. The tourism lobby helped to pass that law, BTW.

Here's a question for you. Why do we keep the same school calendar necessitated by a farming lifestyle? Used to, families needed the kids home during the summer to help with the crops and the harvest. How many families do you know whose kids help to bring in the crops?

I've finally finished my work that kept me from blogging these last two weeks. You have my apologies. PowerPoint presentations take a lot of time to make if you're making step-by-steps to work software, and doing a screenshot of each step. I'm really tired, because I did that for seven different programs.

I'll present to my staff, and then I'll be so relieved that I'll have to do a dance of joy. With or without music. Enjoy the mental image of a short, plump blonde woman wearing board shorts and a Gladstone's t-shirt doing a dance of joy. It'll only happen once or twice this year, mostly because the PE coaches have already managed to piss me off.

It's too bad, because now I'll be disinclined to cooperate with them on anything this year. They should have given me what I wanted, but now they'll just have to pay for it over and over again.

What an angry group of mannish women that'll be.


Pearl said...

wow. it's still one more month here in Ontario.

Kate said...

Yes, but we got out in May, so it works out.

Dean said...

Hey, I've gained weight recently. This should allow me to impersonate an entire group of mannish women.

Janet said...

Still a few more weeks left for me, although I plan to make the first trip back to school tomorrow to begin the never ending job of setting up.