Thursday, August 04, 2005


My cats have fleas. For the second time in a week.

You see, when I got them they seemed clean. But, several days later, I noticed little black specks all over my bed. It's called flea dirt sometimes, but really it's excrement. If you wet it, it turns red.

A friend and I shampooed them in the bathtub. They scratched and hissed and one of them bit my thumb. But then they were clean, and I powdered the carpet and vacuumed. I assumed the fleas died.

Tuesday I saw some more flea dirt, but I was too tired to do anything about it. Wednesday I went to the grocery store to get some treatment. Can't use it on cats under 12 weeks, which these definitely are.

So I called the vet. She agreed to just give me the medicine without an appointment, so I went and picked up these pills called Capstar, I think, and some Advantage. And it only cost $60.

I almost lost my hand giving the pill to the first kitten. As I was on the phone to my pest-control guy, trying to arrange the bombing of my house, I pried open his jaws about seven times, and he just spit it out after using his claws to peel my hands off his head.

At one point I though he'd swallowed it. He foamed at the mouth a bit, from the pill, and then stayed still for a second, but when I let go he spit out a slightly smaller pill. Little bastard. I remembered some wet catfood I had from a month ago, and put the pills in that and he ate it.

The fourteen year old took two tries, but it's easier to hold her head back to use gravity to help get the pill in. Then I used the food for the second kitten.

So, on Monday, I get to take the cats to my sister's house, lock them in her bathroom, and stay out of my house for four hours while the poison works. Then, I get to vacuum my house, corner to corner every day for eleven days.

Don't you just love pets?


Dean said...

Hey, I know!

You need a pair of banana slugs.

Diva said...

Banana slugs rock!!

So does Advantage.

I used to wrap my grown cat in a beach towel to hold him still and sit behind him to give him his pills. It worked most of the time, but it was always a struggle.

Trillian said...

Ohhhh. You poor thing. Cats can be so difficult and strong willed. I had to take my kittie to my mom's today (she's about 45 mins away) and boy did she howl in her carrier. I thought she was going to have a heart attack!

Trillian said...

May I also say that I'm sorry that I missed your orignal naming post (sorry - haven't been a very good blog reader lately). You know how I would have voted!

Anonymous said...

Hi - just passing through. This post caught my attention because I used to own lots of cats. To give a cat a pill, I was taught (and it always worked without a hitch with any of them) to place the pill in their mouth and blow in their nostril. Not sure why this happens, but it worked every time for me.

good luck!