Sunday, November 13, 2005

Seven Meme

In the mold of the Diva and CW Murphy

7 Things I can do
make people laugh, and sometimes not at me
shave my head
tell the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff out loud, with voices

7 Things I can’t do
ride a motorcycle
pilot a plane or helicopter
believe conspiracy theories
shop at Wal-Mart
go to any more baby showers
throw a really good party
keep my mouth shut when I need to

7 Things I have in my life now that I’m so incredibly thankful for
my brother
and sisters
and nephew
and nieces
my parents
that's 8,
if I add the job
and the cats and the best friend I'm way over the limit

7 things I hope to do before I die
publish a novel
start an art school for kids
learn some French
see the Parthenon
fly somewhere first class
go on the radio or do other voice-over work
live near the beach, even briefly


sxKitten said...

Some French:

Bonjour (bohn zhure) - hello
Au revoir (ore vwahr) - good bye
Merde (merd) - fecal matter
Je ne sais pas (Zhe nuh say pah) - I don't know
Je ne sais rien (Zhe nuh say ree-ehn) - I don't know anything
Maudit Anglais / Anglaise (Moh-dee ong-lay / ong-laze) - Lousy Englishmen / women
Je voudrais du chocolat (Zhe voo-dray doo sho-ko-lah) - I want some chocolate

There you are - one down, six to go!

Kate said...


I was thinking more in terms of being able to ask where the bathroom is and how much stuff costs for my trip to France in the spring, but I've got both a CD and a phrasebook, so I'm good.

sxKitten said...

Ou est la salle de bain? (oo ay la sal duh behn) and Combien coute ca? (kom-byen koot sah)

I'm jealous, by the way. France is high on my list of Places To Be Visited.