Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am preparing some things in the kitchen for our day in (insert city name here) with my sister Chloe and Cletus and Zoe and little Luke. One of the things that I always remember about Thanksgiving is that we would get up and smell the stuffing ingredients. I'd pick at the stuffing before it went into the bird, and then mom and dad would put it in the oven. They'd tell us what time it'd be ready.

Hours would pass, wonderful smells would emanate from the oven and our mouths would water. At the appointed time, the turkey was never ready. Mom and dad would check it and say, "Oh, about another hour," so we'd all be hungry with nothing to eat. So we'd have snacks. Today I'm making some snacks for the inevitable delay.

Unlike some other people that I know, we always eat Thanksgiving dinner in the afternoon instead of evening. Mom and dad would shoot for 1pm and hit 2:30 instead. I feel prepared now.

The kittens Calvin and Hobbes came through their operation with no problems, and no neuticles thank you very much. They're currently doing their very best to annoy me, and my other cat and my roommate. Though it does make me laugh when they annoy my roommate. He likes to threaten them with death as he cuddles them.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Dean said...

I think that the least you could do for Calvin and Hobbes would be to install some REALLY HUGE neuticles. Like, five-pin bowling ball size.

sxKitten said...

It would slow them down, for sure.