Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Happy New Year!

Last week I needed to spend some money. I have a flex account with my benefits, and I had about $400 left. My father insists that it's not really my money, but I felt strongly that I should spend as much as possible, so I made some appointments.

I went to the doctor, the gynecologist, the dentist and the optometrist. I'm pretty sure that I spent all of that money, regardless of where it originated. I got some prescriptions, a sonic cleaning with laser scan, and a pair of really cool glasses.

I had no idea how crappy everything looked until I wore my glasses on the way home from the optometrist. I figure it's not too bad, getting glasses in my mid thirties. My brother's had them since elementary school, and my sisters almost the same.

I also got to hear from a few people that, medically speaking, I'm rather boring. That's nice to hear.


sxKitten said...

Lucky! I got glasses when I was 6, and my eyes are so bad now I'm not even a candidate for laser surgery (which isn't particularly upsetting, really. Lasers and eyes seem to me like 2 things that shouldn't mix).

Glad you hear you're medically boring - I've been rather medically interesting this last week, which is not a good thing.

Dean said...

The doctor, the dentist, the gynecologist, and the optometrist... I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere.

Kate said...

Yeah, mostly medically boring. I do have arthritis, which sucks 'cause my hands always hurt, but it's not the debilitating-turn-your-hands-into-talons kind.

There must be a joke. You think of it and I'll take credit.