Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How I Didn't Go to Comic Con

We stayed in a nice condo in Mission Beach, on the Bay side.

We went to Sea World and did the Behind the Scenes tour again. I liked our last tour guide much better than this one.

We went downtown to have lunch at Burger Lounge*, but FAILED in our quest for tickets for the Con next summer. Afterwards, we sat in the lounge of the Hyatt and contemplated the feasibility of camping out overnight. But only for about thirty seconds. We decided instead that the Niece will get famous and get us badges to work her table. I did meet Robin Thorsen and Amy Okuda, very briefly. They had to get to a panel. : (

We had dinner at World Famous and watched the sunset at dinner. Which sounds great unless the sun is DIRECTLY in your eyes.

Then we said goodbye to the palm trees on the way to the airport and back to Texas heat and drought. We're still under water restrictions.

*If you go to San Diego and you like cheeseburgers, you MUST go to Burger Lounge. There won't be a place to sit, but you won't care because your mouth will be in heaven.

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