Friday, November 25, 2011

Mark Reads Books

I think I saw it on Neil Gaiman's twitter. He tweeted or re-tweeted about someone (named Mark) reading American Gods chapter by chapter and posting his reactions. I have not read the posts on American Gods, but I did read his other series on The Hunger Games and Twilight.

If you only have time to read one or two things, I recommend the Twilight series.* Those are hilarious (only if you don't take the Twilight books seriously), not least because they sum up the plots of those books accurately. Be ready for some oft-repeated phrases like "You are not prepared."

Anyway, I am hooked, and I'm now reading along with The Book Thief. And Mark is right. It makes you "cry ALL OF THE TEARS."

And, speaking of Twilight, if you are not reading The Bloggess, though let's face it most people on the internet are already, you should read this post.

*Not literally one or two things, because you will get sucked in if you start, I'm warning you.


Chris said...

I LOVE The Bloggess - she's one of the best things on the internets. And thank you for Mark, who I had not seen before and is also awesome.

Kate said...

You're welcome. He's got me hooked.

Chris said...

Have you encountered Hyperbole and a Half? This is my absolute favourite post of all time, anywhere:

Her entire Best Of section is brilliant.

Kate said...

I LOVE ALLY! My niece spent most of a week in July reading her whole site. I think the "God of Cake" one is my favorite, but I laughed so hard at Kenny Loggins that I cried.