Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stanley Tucci

I'm watching Easy A and thinking, "Wow, Stanley Tucci is hot." I have entered that stage of adulthood where guys who are dads and are over 50 can be hot. Conversely, I no longer find Pierce Brosnan attractive, as he's gotten a little too doughy for me, at least in Bag of Bones. But ohh, Remington Steele? That guy was hot.

And Matt Bomer? So my type, unless rumors are true. Also, I'm not so much consistent in my attraction to men. Huh.


Diane said...

Agreed, on all counts!

Chris said...

I'm not familiar with Mr. Bomer, but he does have a certain Steele-ish charm about him. And yes, I was a BIG Remington fan. Tom Selleck, however, remains my one true celebrity love. And unlike poor Pierce, his appeal has not declined with age.