Tuesday, December 13, 2005

White Blood Cells

Gross Description Ahead!

Did you know that if a cat has a severe intestinal infection, white blood cells will come out of her ass for three days? That's a fun little fact I didn't know until I got home Friday night and saw it all over my bedroom.

She's finally feeling better, after I shove the daily antibiotics down her throat and insert a needle under her skin to give her subcutaneous fluids to counteract the dehydration of not eating.

And, the vet can't tell me definitively what's wrong with her without an expensive biopsy of colon tissue...


Christopher said...

(earlier this morning, skimming this posting entirely too quickly while the coffee brewed in the kitchen)

"Wow. That's just entirely too much information."

(hours later)

"Oh. She's talking about the cat."

Kate said...

Sorry, I just had to share. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't use that much detail if it were about me. Then again you never know.

Diva said...

Christopher - tell Kate about your litter-box trained elephants.

Really, Kate, Christopher has no room to talk.