Thursday, June 15, 2006

Painting my suitcase cont.

Here are the rest of the photos. I've detailed the sea monster, added some texture to the continent and water and then aged it all.


Dean said...

That's way too cool.

You could probably sell those, you know. You could stop being a teacher and sell hand-painted luggage.

Kate said...

Wouldn't that be nice?

"Get yer fresh painted suitcase righ-chere, get 'em while they're hot!"

Dean said...

Have a great trip. Say hi to D + C for me.

Carmi said...

That is a very cool piece of luggage. Your creativity amazes me. Dean's got a great idea: can I commission you to paint mine?

Hope you're having a wonderful trip. Safe travels.

Kate said...

If you really want me to paint your luggage, e-mail me and we'll work something out.

Said hi to D & C for you. Maybe you and sxKitten can come next time and we'll all hang out.