Friday, July 14, 2006

New Me

Trying to add a photo to my profile. Did you know that you can't edit the date on your posts anymore? Not happy about that.


Dean said...

You look sort of... deranged in this one. Mildly. As if the waiter had just brought you coffee with TWO creams in it instead of one, dammit!

I like the style of the older one. This is similar, but has more tones in it. Or maybe the other just has more contrast, I don't know.

Carmi said...

Hi Kate. I love what you're doing with pictures these days. It's almost an art form in and of itself!

If you click on "Post and Comment Options" on the lower right-hand side of the Create Post window, the date/time will drop down and you'll be able to manually change them like you used to.

It took me a while to find...I suspect they think it looks cool that they're saving real estate.

My apologies for being such a stranger of late. My blog explains it all: my life's been a bit on the crazy side in recent months. Good-crazy, mind you. But crazy all the same.