Thursday, July 20, 2006

To Remind Chris and the Diva

It's been a while, but here are the things I wrote down that I must remind you:

Read Lamb by Christopher Moore

Next time that you're in Paris, go to Shakespeare & Co, the book store.


sxKitten said...

Ooh, yeah, read Lamb! It's brilliant (as is pretty much everything else Moore has written).

Christopher said...

Man... I had _completely_ and totally forgotten about that! (see why I thought blogging me about it would be a good idea? :->)

And in case you and Jenny have forgotten (or I forgot to tell you), you should definitely pick up copies of Warren Ellis' Planetary series. And Neil Gaiman's 1602.

Also, I miss you crazy kids.

Kate said...

I'll have to disagree with you there. I absolutely hated Fluke. My favorites are still Lamb and Practical Demonkeeping, with Bloodsucking Fiends right after that.

I'm totally with you. "Jenny" and I will definitely read those. I can almost guarantee that my brother already owns them.
Thanks. I miss you crazy kids too.

sxKitten said...

I did say "pretty much" :-)

I haven't read Fluke - I think it's the only one of his I've missed. Perhaps I'll leave it that way.

Diva said...

I washed and dried the Hipster PDA with the laundry, so thank you for the reminder!

Diva said...

Oh - P.S. - I miss everybody, too!

Even Christopher and sxkitten.