Saturday, August 02, 2008

Costumes from ComicCon

Many people dressed in costumes. An astonishing range of subjects too. The most numerous, The Joker. Next most, Indiana Jones. Also lots of manga/anime characters.

Here's a few:

I'm guessing some dude from 300, though I've still not seen the movie.

I have no idea, but I'm loving the detail on this costume.

Ash, how we love you.

Is the skirt the correct Wonder Woman bottom? I remember Linda Carter's outfit wasn't a skirt, but almost all of the Wonder Women at the Con wore a skirt.

Love the Phoenix costume, too. I guess the middle one is Alice from Resident Evil? Not sure, but if you know please tell.


Christopher said...

Thanks for sharing these! They're great!

And on a nerdly trivia note, that's Ada Wong from the Resident Evil video-games.

Adult Halloween costumes said...

Man, that Spartan dude got abs, but some how he still look like he is majorly out of shape.

And Yeah thats Ada, at first I thought she was that cop girl from the movie, but then her shoes were off so that wasnt it.

Kate said...

That Spartan dude looked really good in person. Made me wish that as many men as women felt the need to show flesh.

Though, with the percentages, that would still only mean about four good looking half-naked men.

Briana said...

haha! The Wonder Woman/ Ada Wong/ Phoenix combination is me and my friends. I'm Wonder Woman.

Although most of the comics featured WW in a "brief" styled bottom, there were two or three comics that featured her in a skirt. Also, a few more with her in a loin cloth style bottom, is basically looks like a long skirt from the front. :]

Anonymous said...

lol you just got school in WW! I'm phoenix in this one. Thanks for immortalizing us on the internet!

Jamie said...

Well I guess I should post too. I'm Ada Wong, only super nerds know me.