Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I've been checking out Odeo, a new service for subscribing to podcasts. I can't seem to get part of it to work, but that's probably user error. I still don't understand some of the features and terms, but I'm working on that, because it's such a cool thing in this era of mega-corporate-conglomerate radio stations. Radio Stations that play the same songs over and over and censor music and have the same lame DJ's do the same lame jokes every day.

If you're really into music, Melleners at Vexed and Glorious has some great links and downloads. I go there every couple of days to download some new music.

I'm supposed to teach the art teachers when school starts soon. I'll be presenting Basic Tech and Computer Graphics, and since I don't like to prepare I'm avoiding working on that. I've posted some new drawings and paintings on my other blog, Distilled. Procrastination, how I love to indulge thee.

And, if you haven't heard, some New York woman fired her nanny. For almost blogging about her. The ensuing controversy favors the blogger. You can read about it at majikthise, Making Light, Bitch PhD. The nanny contributes to the comments at Bitch PhD.

Highlights of my niece's visit on the way. Some of her drawings too. She's very talented.


Christopher said...

Have you seen ArtRage?

It could be fun to work into your summer curriculum.

Or to just play around with, further ignoring your work on said curriculum... ;->)

Christopher said...

Or maybe I should look at Distilled before I post comments here... whichever.


Kate said...

's cool.

Have you tried it?
If so, can I see?