Thursday, October 06, 2005

Home from the Hospital

My mother's home from the hospital, yesterday at about noon. She's stated her intention to exercise, cut down on the smoking and eat better. And we're not to bug her about the not smoking, nor are we to keep any sorts of statistics should she smoke a little more on some days.

She's gone from saying she's ready to die to she doesn't want to die. I'm glad, cuz that all sucked.

Thank you for the well wishes. My mother appreciates them also.


Diva said...

I'm glad to hear it.

Dean said...

Me too. Hospitals aren't great places to be.

Carmi said...

We've been going through a shockingly similar time with my Dad, which explains why I've been such a stranger to so many folks of late.

I'm glad she's home, and I'm glad you're OK through all of this. It isn't easy being a child when you become the parent.