Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Teaching and Sickness

Any teacher will tell you that a school is basically a germ factory. Kids get sick, they pass it on. Adults get sick, they pass it on. No one wants to stay home when they're actually sick, so more people get infected.

I hate being absent. I can come up with lessons on the fly when I'll be teaching them, but I get all bogged down in details when I write lesson plans for someone else. It takes me at least three hours to write a good plan for a substitute. Then I usually have to take my chances on the substitute system lottery.

My student teacher got sick last week, and now I've got it. I almost fell asleep at school today in the conference room. I've been letting her teach all by herself and doing my e-mail and other administrative work in other rooms, and today I took two Benadryl for this cold.

I learned that I should never take two Benadryl, and that the end of student teaching, where I let her do her thing, bores me more than I thought it would.

So I'll be staying home tomorrow and popping Dayquil. And getting harassed by two increasingly active and destructive kittens. They tore up another roll of toilet paper today, and got pieces all over the bathroom. Then I accidentally left one of the upper cabinets open and they knocked a bunch of the plasticware all over the floor.

Now that I think about it, a photo of the torn up toilet paper would have been great, but I already cleaned it up.

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