Thursday, July 07, 2005

I Blame . . .

I know I haven't posted recently. Although Bear's trying to pick up the slack, he's a bit slow.

My niece came to town to visit. So it's her fault. Then, I started to read a book by George R R Martin. So it's his fault. We had to go visit my sister Chloe in the midcities which takes an hour each way. So it's her fault.

There will be a full recap of activities at some point. Right now we're in the middle of creating a sketchbook for her. She's thirteen, loves to draw and has an amazing imagination. She doesn't like boys yet, has no interest in shopping, and doesn't own a cell phone. And, she does things the first time you ask her. Mostly.

I may post her drawings too, but I have to ask her first. And I'm hoping to post some photos of her first handmade book too.


Apathy Bear said...

Slow, huh?

sxKitten said...

Slow as in dim, or slow as in sloth-like?

I'm guessing, based in his bed-pan-loving icon*, that it's the former.

*That plus his total inability to pronounce a simple word like grenouille.

TC said...


Simple word??