Thursday, July 07, 2005

Short Takes


About a year ago I'm driving across town to have dinner with my parents. There's this canary yellow Hummer H2 in front of me. You know those little national flags you see on diplomatic vehicles? Guy in the Hummer has four of 'em. On every corner of the vehicle. Little flappin' Murkan flags. On the back of the Hummer is a giant Murkan flag decal; it covers up a good portion of the rear of the vehicle. So I'm following this guy, snickering to myself, thinkin' "geeze, got enough flags?" Just as I'm about to take a right turn to my parents' street, I snap the guy a smart salute. A salute that looked like this:

Awesome thing is, the guy salutes me back. Properly.


Dean said...

Even more than the Hummer, the H2 is a poser-vehicle.

The only reason anyone buys one of these things is because it's expensive, and everyone knows it. It's like driving a Mercedes or a Cadillac, but with considerably less class.

I like that you used the Benny Hill salute, though. Did you do the eye-and-mouth thing?

Apathy Bear said...


Agree on the H2. I have a hard resisting the urge to give a middle finger wave to every Hummer I see---and living in north Texas, I see one or more almost every day. Wankers.

I didn't do the eye and mouth thing, BTW. Just the Brit salute.

Diva said...

Dean, there is another reason that someone would by the H2, but it involves the male anatomy and it would be rude for me to say. But I'm sure you guys can figure it out.

(and yes, I'm generalizing here)

Dean said...

D: I agree, and that's what makes the thing a poser vehicle. A total, complete poser vehicle.

I think we're talking about the same thing here, really.

EdWonk said...

I live in Southern California. Hummers tend to be driven by the same type of folks who ususally have "Raiders" stickers on their windows; these are the guys that'll cut you off on the freeways and are likely to draw a gun if you give 'em the "freeway salute."

Apathy Bear said...


That reminds me of the freeway scene in "LA Story."

All: so we're agreed. Hummer drivers are dickless asshats.